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More and more people are able to freely communicate in foreign languages these days. One, however, needs the services of a professional interpreter for interpreting at international conferences, bilateral/multilateral negotiations, high-level trade negotiations, or glamorous events. The role of an interpreter is not just as a language expert; in fact, the very success or failure of a conference can depend on the skills of the interpreter. At Bilingual Group, we have a select group of professional interpreters, whom we assign based on a “best match of skills” policy. Our interpreters are extremely “international” professionals, deeply acquainted with the foreign culture in question, and capable of understanding even the subtlest nuances of meaninge.

We hope you will give them a try! 

Simultaneous Versus Consecutive Interpreting

Please tell us what kind of conference you are planning, including space and time constraints, and we will suggest the most appropriate type of interpreting for your requirements. The following types of interpreting services are available:

Consecutive Interpreting

In this type of interpreting, the speech to be interpreted is divided into segments, and the speaker pauses at the end of each segment to allow the interpreter to interpret, before going on with the next segment. Conferences with consecutive interpreting take twice as long as those with simultaneous interpreting. On the positive side, participants can hear both the original and the interpretation fully. For consecutive interpreting only a microphone is required by way of equipment. We do not recommend consecutive interpreting for extremely long meetings, however.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting requires an extremely complex set of skills. We, therefore, dispatch a team of interpreters for the assignment. Even if it is only an hour’s meeting, it cannot be cope with single-handedly by one interpreter. The other feature of  simultaneous interpreting is that it requires proper organization. The equipment is properly set up, and the interpreter works from a small, isolated “booth.” Participants can hear the interpretation through the earphones on their receiver sets.


In whispering, the interpreter works in a simply equipped environment, or even without any specialized equipment, and does not isolate himself/herself in a booth. This type of interpreting, despite falling into the simultaneous interpreting category, does not involve the cost of setting up equipment. This interpreting format is convenient during tours or expeditions.

Top Class Performance Possible Through   

Collaboration With Clients

To ensure the success of our clients’ meetings, we have a team of highly skilled interpreters, carefully selected through a rigorous screening process, and we try our best to secure the services of the interpreter whose skills best match the specific requirements of the assignment in question. Even more important for ensuring the success of a meeting, however, is a strong framework of cooperation with our clients. We ask our clients to cooperate with the following:

- Ensuring an appropriate interpreting environment

- Providing reference materials/scripts in advance

Cooperation on the above points can help improve the performance of the interpreter dramatically.

Securing Interpreters

May-June and October-November are two periods of the year during which interpreters tend to become a rare commodity. It can be quite difficult to find interpreters for a while prior to and just after  these periods. We, therefore, request that you place your order as soon as you decide to hold an event/lecture. The earlier you place an order, the easier it will be for us to match your requirements.。


Simultaneous Interpreting/Acoustic Equipment Rental Service, Transcription Services, Other Services

From small in-house meetings to large-scale conferences requiring simultaneous interpretation in multiple languages, we offer solutions that best match our customers’ requirements, specifications, and budgets. We also answer to client inquiries merely for acoustic/recording apparatus rental/handling services. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to rent video equipment, or are thinking of filming a video, or creating video/DVD contents.
We also provide transcription services, such as for audio data recorded on the day of the conference. We often receive inquiries for such services, mainly from clients looking to prepare reports after the conclusion of a conference or symposium. 

Flow of Services




Our staff member in charge of interpreting services will note down your requirements and propose the most appropriate format/structure of interpretation and the apparatus required to make your event a success.


Drawing up an Estimate

We strive to present you with a prompt estimate of the costs to give you plenty of time to make your decision.


Order Receipt

We can make arrangements for any necessary documents including confidentiality agreements and order confirmations. Please do not hesitate to ask.


Assigning an Interpreter

We will assign an interpreter for your event depending on the form/field of
interpretation you require and your budget. For clients whom we have had the
honor of serving previously, we can try to assign the same interpreter  you previously used, if you so wish


Compilation of reference materials for the Interpreter

We request clients to compile any reference materials that they think the interpreter should glance through, such as the draft or summary of the speech, or background material, and give these to us at the earliest.


Advance preparation by the interpreter

The interpreter studies the materials presented thoroughly for best performance on the day. If there is anything else you would like the interpreter to keep in mind, please communicate the information to the coordinator.


Interpreting on the day

On the day of the assignment, the interpreting apparatus (if needed) will be brought in and set up, and there will be a last-minute briefing before the actual assignment starts.


Confirming service quality

We always ask clients to give us their honest feedback regarding the quality of interpreting and put their valuable opinions to good use in improving the quality of our services.



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