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International Conferences

Bilingual Group is a Professional Congress Organizer (PCO), specializing in the organization and management of international conferences. In the 33 years since our establishment in 1983, we have handled over 2000 international conferences, undertaking organization, preparation, and management for many of them. Indeed, one could say that we have been pioneers in the organization of international conferences. We contribute to the success of an international conference through our expertise, dynamism, language resources, and innovative concept of hospitality. We also have a keen international sensibility. We work as a team and spare no effort toward ensuring a pleasurable experience for participants so that they may look back and honestly say, “I would not have missed that for anything!”


Organizing International Conferences

We are often asked, “What does an International conference organizer actually do?” Perhaps one can compare what we do to the “health management” of international conferences. This includes sound financial management. From the time of planning for the conference, and right up to its successful conclusion, we “nurture” the event, preventing problems before they occur, dealing with unanticipated problems with the rapidness of an “ambulance service,” taking all possible measures to ensure that the problem does not escalate into a “serious illness.” When the conference begins, we are at the venue, managing the event, ensuring its smooth progress, and striving to create a colorful and fun atmosphere for participants. Our mission, at Bilingual Group, is to play the role of a “health clinic cum attending physician” for our clients, the hosts of international conferences.


Expertise in Organizing International Conferences

Bilingual Group is one of very few companies with a full range of expertise in the organization of international conferences. The expertise is built on its founder’s abundant experience in working with organizations like the Red Cross, the Ministry of Education, and UNESCO. With a change in the times, there has been a change in technology as well as skills, but the key to a successful international conference remains unchanged. The key is meticulous planning and a fierce commitment to ensuring the satisfaction of participants. One cannot hope for success merely by making the technical arrangements. It is a commitment to the smaller details that complement technical expertise and lead to making an international conference a success.


Secretariat of International Conferences

The planning of this event most probably started in your organization - a university, a research organization, a company, or other organization - but it probably soon became clear that the actual preparation and management are unmanageably complex tasks. This is where we come in. It is our job to accomplish these complex tasks smoothly. We hope you will make use of our services toward the success of the conference you are organizing, without enduring the troublesome points of its organization, or letting it come in the way of your other duties. We will serve as the secretariat that provides a full spectrum of assistance to you.


Professional Staff of Experienced Conference Coordinators

Bilingual Group is composed of  a team of language experts, capable of handling international telephone calls as well as other forms of correspondence. We will help you communicate with foreign participants via email through synchronous translations in both directions. Our staff members who manage operations at the conference site are similarly adept at communicating with foreign participants. Having organized numerous conferences, we have a depth of experience that allows us to take on and manage any conference confidently, based on full and meticulous preparation. Conferences are wonderful opportunities for participants as well as sponsors, and we strive to make them a great success for both.

Flow of Services

Preliminary stage

Deciding on the host city, putting together an organizational framework, drafting a budget, arranging for the conference site, preparing a program summary, compiling a tentative list of participants


Preparatory period (initial)

Announcing the conference, finalizing the invited speakers, drawing up an estimate of the number of participants, soliciting paper abstracts, procuring funds


Preparatory period (final)

Determining the exact number of participants, finalizing the event program, finalizing the presenters, assigning language-related staff and resources, hall allocation at venue, securing accommodation for participants


Immediately preceding the conference

Setting up the conference site, printing out program sheets, compiling the abstracts submitted, final briefings, making name cards and signs


During the conference

Management/supervision at the conference venue, conducting tours, reception, poster sessions, exhibitions, banquets


After the conference

Editing the proceedings, preparing the report, drawing up an income-expenditure report


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