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With globalization, our clients’ translation and proofreading (native-checking) needs are changing. The subject matter is more specialized, and clients are demanding prompter delivery, translation from and to a larger number of languages, and more attractive translation charges. In order to respond to such increasingly difficult client requirements, and in order to fulfill our mission of “bringing different cultures together by means of language,” we at Bilingual Group offer a diverse lineup of translation services.


Translation Services in Response to Varied Client Needs

For the past over 20 years, Bilingual Group has been committed to handling the translation of documents in every field of expertize, including highly specialized and difficult subject matter. We have dealt with highly advanced scientific and technological writing, white papers and other government publications, finance, law, and medicine to name only a few. Translation is much more than simply replacing words in one language with their equivalents in another language. A naïve technique that is quite likely to result in compromising the overall meaning. Our goal is to rewrite the message in words belonging to a different culture in a way that the reader of the target text can correctly ascertain the intended message.

Translations from Japanese into foreign languages, particularly, are handled exclusively by native speakers of that language, and our translations are always well appreciated for their “naturalness.”


Drawing Up An Estimate

The main points we consider in drawing up an estimate of the translation fees are:

1) The language and the subject matter

2) The volume of work (the number of characters)

3) The deadline

Our highly experienced coordinators will draw up an estimate for you based on the above.

 If you have ordered translations before, you may be familiar with phrases such as “source text-” or “translated text-” based methods of computing the translation fee. The source text based method computes the translation fee based on the number of characters in the original text received from the client. The translated text based method calculates the fee on the basis of the number of characters in the translated text delivered to the client.

In the former method, the estimate is taken as the final translation fee, as the number of source text characters is fixed. In the latter method, however, there is a chance of a difference arising between the preliminary estimate and the final fee.

Please also be aware that depending on the subject matter or the required tone of the translation, it is quite common for the number of characters in the translated text to turn out different even for source texts of the same length. For this reason, at Bilingual Group, we prefer a translated text based fee calculation method, where clients are charged per character of the final translated product. Of course, we do also respond to requests for source text based methods of payment.


Adding Value – Proofreading (Native-Checking) Services

At Bilingual Group, in addition to translation services, we have long supported our clients by offering proofreading (native checking) services.

Proofreading services can involve anything from minimal grammar checks to helping create documents that meet the strict stylistic requirements of official letters, protocol, or paper submission rules, or revising submitted papers in accordance with reviewer’s comments.

We respond to clients based on each client’s individual requirements. We have also put together an array of services based on specific feedback or demands from clients. Our aim is to add real value to our native-checking services.


Translation languages and subject matter handled

Subject Matter Handled
Policy papers, whitepapers Memoranda, contracts
Academic papers Minutes of symposia or seminars
Various kinds of business communication Speech and lecture notes
Legal documents for internal/external use Meeting/ presentation materials
  Corporate profiles, annual reports
  PR and IR materials

Translation Services
Translation/ Proofreading (native-checking)/ Rewriting

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (simplified as well as traditional), Korean, etc.
Other Asian and European languages are also available in certain cases. Please give  call us for an obligation-free consultation.

Subject Matter Handled
Advanced technologies Bioscience, life science, plant science, next-generation electronics, optical technology, LCD, nanotechnology, sensor devices, MEMS, advanced materials etc.
Engineering and manufacturing Nuclear power, automobiles, cables, robots, industrial machinery, device operation manuals of various kinds
IT/ computers Software, hardware, manuals, supercomputers, information engineering, big data etc.
Medicine/ pharmaceuticals/ biochemistry/ chemicals Molecular and cellular therapy, biomedicine, medical equipment, medical literature, clinical experiment reports, cosmetics, food products
Environment Water resources, river management, global environment and urban environment engineering recycling systems, research into weather, climate and the low-carbon society, environmental risk research and environmental sanitation etc. , 
Law/ contracts Contracts (including licensing agreements, nondisclosure agreements, purchasing contracts, etc.), memoranda, company regulations, articles of incorporation, compliance, privacy policy, litigation, complaints, intellectual property rights
Finance/ economics Economy, accounting, shares, corporate bonds, credit rating, insurance
Business/ IR Annual reports, financial reports, product catalogs, in-house journals, training manuals, research, marketing, management, M&A
Art/ museums Commentary regarding exhibits at art galleries or museums, commentary or subtitles for videos, a catalog of works on display, photo collections, literary works, music, etc.
Academia/ education e-learning, learning reference materials, essay collections, bulletins, papers presented at or materials prepared for academic conferences, etc., guidance manuals for international organizations, reports and university guides (including website content)
Other Nursing, social welfare for the aged


Flow of Services


We will take your enquiry and note down your requirements.


Drawing up an Estimate

We will draw up an estimate of the costs based on your requirements.


Order Receipt

Once the requirements and terms have been agreed upon, we will start the translation process.


Translation Draft

Translations from Japanese to English are done by native English speakers with a high level of Japanese proficiency.



A checker thoroughly checks the translation draft against the original text, and returns the checked document to the translator.



The translator considers the changes suggested by the checker and makes revisions as appropriate.


Final check

An experienced translation coordinator double-checks (when necessary, triple-checks) the document.



The final checked document is submitted to the client.


Confirming Service Quality

Please do let us know if you need any corrections, additions/modifications, or changes to be made to the submitted final document.



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