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Performance record for translation

Translation for exhibitions held at national museums

Details:  English, Chinese and Korean
With the opening of a new building in a certain museum, our company was responsible for translating into English, Chinese and Korean, the exhibits of a scientific and technical nature covering six floors. From the botany of ancient plants to the scientific techniques of the Edo period, and up until future space developments, our translators worked in their various native languages to translate a broad range of scientific topics in the allotted period of three months. 

Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombings “Final Reports of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey”

Details:  Translation into Japanese
A number of Japanese translators formed a team and translated the 1,600 pages of the entire document. In the translation of documents of this nature, as well as an accurate understanding of English, excellent research skills are required for finding and analyzing related documents and materials.

Governmental publication (Reports related to Japan’s Vision for the 21st Century)Performance record et alia

Details: English
The document, which covered more than 250 pages and set forth governmental proposals for the future, was translated by our native English translators. By having a team of highly skilled native English translators capable of not only being able to read and understand the text about policies accurately, but also able to recreate it into English that was fluid and natural, we were able to finish the massive volume of translation work in a short period of time.


Performance record et alia

  • -Accounting Research, two volumes, translated into English
  • -White Paper on International Economy and Trade, translated into English
  • -Reports from the Central Council for Education, translated into English
  • -APEC report on education, translated into English and Japanese
  • -The United Nations Regional Center for Peace and Disarmament in Asia and the Pacific meetings records
  • -International Monetary Fund international joint research program report (translated into English)
  • -Research report on the safety of nuclear reactor facilities (translated into Japanese)
  • -ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meetings and Post-Ministerial Conference speeches and joint statement (translated into Japanese)
  • -Material regarding adoption of the Equal Employment Opportunity Law for Men and Women (labor laws of various countries) translated into Japanese
  • -Franklin Roosevelt translated into Japanese
  • -Talking about the world and Japan, a recording of Margaret Thatcher (translated into Japanese)
  • -Official Guidebook to the Atlanta Olympics (translated into Japanese)
  • -The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Technology Review, translated into Japanese
  • -White Paper on the National Lifestyle, translated into English
  • -Aichi Expo Panel, translated into English
  • -Museum Curator Training Program, 4 volumes (translated into Japanese)-Sixty Year History of Non-governmental UNESCO Movement translated into English.

Apart from the above, our translation department deals with more than 850 assignments per year consisting of various translations, editing and proofreading jobs.




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