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Performance record of international conferences and interpreting

A certain government affiliated multinational conference

Number of participants:  500 persons, held in a hotel in Tokyo.

Two staff competent in translation and interpreting were dispatched to the central government agency for preparations. More than ten staff were responsible for directing operations during the two-week-period of the international conference. A room for translation was set up next to the meeting room of the drafting committee and all day long a massive amount was translated from Japanese to English and vice versa, of the treaty drafts and revisions, which appeared in rapid succession. By having prepared a fun program for those present, we were able to bring the conference to a successful conclusion.

Interpreting at a large scale medical conference  

Number of participants:  5,000 persons, held in the Nagasaki Prefectural Comprehensive Gymnasium 
Including the opening ceremony which was attended by the Crown Prince and Princess, our company provided simultaneous interpreting at the important reception, and we were able to make a contribution to the academic results of this conference.

Management of a medium-sized medical conference 

Number of participants:  350 persons, held in a hotel in Hakone.
This was a case when, due to an increase in the number of participants, it became problematic to hold the banquet in the hotel’s function suite. There was no other option than to hold the banquet in the assembly hall next door; however, it did not have an appropriate atmosphere. We were able to make suggestions to improve the venue and as a result, on the day the banquet was held in a splendid and festive atmosphere. This kind of support is all part of the duties of a professional conference organizer.


Performance record et alia

  • (Title of international conference)
  • -France and Japan Forum (including the keynote speech by President Jacques Chirac)
  • -Museum Summit (attended by the Director of the Louvre Museum)
  • -Symposium held in Nagasaki by the United Nations Regional Center for Peace and Disarmament in Asia and the Pacific (provision of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting)
  • -International Brain Hypothermia Symposium (a relatively new field of medicine)
  • -International Symposium on Educational Reform (cohosted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
  • -International Disk Forums (We have conducted simultaneous interpreting for this forum for many years.)
  • -Program for Japanese youth to experience nature in Micronesia (interpreting provided while the children carry out daily activities)
  • -The International Machine Tool Engineers Conference (carried out alongside a large scale trade show)
  • -International conference on Advanced Robotics (one of the conferences on robots held every year at the Keidanren Hall in Tokyo)
  • -Symposium organized jointly by Nikkei Inc. and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (discussion on policies of Japan and the Unites States)
  • -Japan and Germany economic symposium (including keynote speech by then Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schröeder)
  • -International symposium to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Nihon University College of Economics-Conference of Mayors for Peace (held in Nagasaki, simultaneous interpreting was carried out in five languages)
  • -International symposium on liquid crystal display panels (held every year with more than 1000 person participating)-UNESCO World Terakoya Movement (making major contributions to improving the world’s literacy rate)

As can be seen from the above, Bilingual Group undertakes lots of international conferences per year. These conferences vary in style, scale and time length and our company’s level of commitment fits them accordingly.




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