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Corporate History

April 1980 Bilingual Secretaries Group founded as a private organization under the auspices of Akiko Gono.
April 1983 Bilingual Group established as a limited liability company, with Naoyuki Hirose as president and Akiko Gono as managing director.
1986 First time Bilingual organized the Inter Opto Seminar, which the company managed for 25 consecutive years. 
January 1989 Akiko Gono becomes president of the company.
November 1991 Bilingual Group becomes and official member of JAPCO.
February 1992 Bilingual Group participates in the first ever TV symposium between Japan and Europe using a telephone line.
July 1994 Bilingual Group participates in and executes the world’s first international TV conference with simultaneous interpretation between Tokyo and Sapporo. 
April 1996 Converted to a joint-stock company.
2000 Akiko Gono appointed secretary-general of JAPCO for a two-year term, and also becomes a member of the Nagasaki City Tourism Bureau’s Promotion Committee
Akiko Gono becomes a member of Nagasaki City Tourism Promotion Committee.
2001 The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) opens. Bilingual Group is put in charge of preparing English language explanations of the exhibits and hosting the commemorative opening symposium. Bilingual takes charge of the 50th anniversary events for the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan.
March 2003 Party to commemorate the 20th anniversary of our founding held at the Keidanren Kaikan
September 2003 Bilingual Group moves to its present offices in Kudan Minami 3 Chome.
2004 Bilingual Group completes the translations for the exhibits at the National Science Museum, in English, Chinese and Korean.
2005 Bilingual group managed special lectures held in Japan by VIPs including President Chirac, Prime Minister Schröder and former president Gorbachev. 
January 2006 Bilingual Group registered as a recruitment agency (general license no. 13-3010)
2006 Managed the Nikkei Shimbun-hosted CSIS Symposium, and has done so each year consequently
2008 Took charge of three areas of the G8 Summit preparatory meeting
2009 Bilingual group managed the meeting of the Mayors for Peace (in Nagasaki)

As of the year 2008 Bilingual Group committed its efforts in many different forms to over 2,000 international conferences.